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A collection of clips from various speeches by Adolf Hitler with English sub-titles

Hitler in his own words: A collection of clips from various speeches by Adolf Hitler with very accurate English sub-titles (translations) for the historic record. This is not a "documentary" film and no editorial commentary or opinions are added.

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Reviewer: c-freedom - - January 9, 2014
Subject: Without CHRIST only judgment awaits
Each individual is called to make peace with a holy G-D.
Human beings having fallen in Eden have no way of reconciling with the Almighty.
But G-d being rich in mercy has provided HIS own SON to be a payment for the sins of HIS elect.
The rejection of that Peace offering for an individual brings the Second Death in the Lake of Fire.
For a nation that turns from the Holy Scripture it brings error, error that leads to decline and if that decline is not dealt with the enslavement or death of a Nation.
You should not marvel at the rise and fall of National SOCIALISM you should rather ask yourself in what way is my Country turning from the Almighty and headed for destruction?
Insightful footage of idol worshipping Nazi's although it would have been good to hear Hitler talk about the core of his philosophies which were deeply Anti-Biblical in his hatred of Jews and his belief in evolution as a cornerstone of the building of a 'master race'.
Reviewer: Remington Rolling Block - - January 4, 2014
Subject: Supurb Video
Some of the sub-titles were tought to read but well worth watching. A glimps of what the German people were told and in his words you could see how the German people felt about their past and present history. It certainly opened my eyes much wider to the real evil this man was, not only to his people but to the world! It also provided a peak at the type of men Churchill & Roosevelt were; maybe not as sinister but they certainly had no love loss for the German people and understandably so. Good Video.
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